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Reviews From Readers

This is what the reader's of Learn to Study the Bible have been saying. Click here to add your review.

Full Name:   Valerie Murray
Date & Time:   9/23/2009
Review:   This is absolutely the best Bible Study learning aid I have ever, ever read. I have had a problem with studying the Bible. My study method was getting boring and my enthusiasm for studying God's Word was getting stagnant. Then I received this awesome book and it changed my Bible study from "boring" to "enthusiasm"! I can not wait to study the Bible using the methods listed within this book. I highly recommend this book for the beginner to the seasoned Bible reader. Out of the 40 methods listed, there is one that is just right for you. There are so many to choose from that you will never find studying the Bible boring again! Thank you for finally writing a Bible Study Method book which is easy to understand, has excellent examples of each method and turns Bible study into an awesome experience. Learning God's Word just got a whole lot sweeter! Even my teenagers are enjoying Bible study and can not wait to tell me what they have learned! God bless you for writing this awesome book!

Full Name:   Tina Avon
Date & Time:   8/28/2009
Review:   I have always been extremely intimidated by the bible. Which is why Learn to Study the Bible was so interesting to me. With this extremely helpful book, a method (or rather various methods) are presented as viable and informative ways of reading the Bible without feeling overwhelmed or as though you are not really fully benefitting from your readings.

Learn to Study the Bible demystifies the reading process and breaks it down in easy to manage pieces that are helpful and will guide you to better understanding the Scriptures. I like that this book is aimed at a layman audience - someone like me who feels intimidated by the Bible and its contents. Learn to Study the Bible has given a "floor plan" of how to study the Bible in order to get the most benefit out of my readings.

I also like that there is a section on how to help "the younger" generation have a better understanding of the Scriptures. Very nice and helpful book.

Full Name:   Paul Obrien
Date & Time:   8/6/2009 9
Review:   WOW! I have to go into this saying that I am a youth pastor and as anyone working with youth knows, it can be a challenge sometimes keeping things fresh in our own studies and down right discouraging at times trying to teach youth how to study the bible. A friend of mind who also works with youth recommended this book to me for personal use as well as something to put into the hands of the youth in my church. I was blown away when I got it in the mail and started reading it! The amount of research he had to do to put this book together would have caused my head to explode I think :-). But seriously... 40 methods? I was so encouraged by this book and the design of it that I am taking my youth through an 8 week study to help them look at different methods to use. The author does a great job of keeping things simple with each method and not overwhelming you with information. Basically as someone who spends a lot of time studying I recommend this book to anyone who wants to start studying the bible or is currently studying it and has the desire to keep their relationship with the Lord fresh and lively :-). Changing study methods every month would take you 3 years and 4 months to go through them all :-)! Enjoy the book though, you will not regret getting it!

Full Name:   Ron Parish
Date & Time:   8/5/2009 7
Review:   With so much material at your fingertips, you can be confident there is a method to suit your needs, and Pastor Andy has made sure there are plenty of hand-written examples along the way.

You will find catchy titles describing each method. The author spells out each method in easy-to-understand language, so you should have no trouble following along. Again, there are hand-written notes to go along with each method. It is an incredible work and I will enjoy reading the book in its entirety.


Full Name:   Terry Delaney
Date & Time:   7/31/2009
Review:   Andy Deane has done a great service for youth ministers, sunday school teachers, and Christians in general. Learn to Study the Bible is a great resource book for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the Word of God. Studying the Bible can become mundane sometimes because of our flesh. With LSB, you will have forty different methods at your disposal to study the Bible. Changing it up from method to method will prove to be of great benefit for the believer. I found that studying the same passage in an ascending order of simple to more detailed proved to be a sweet balm to my soul and mind. We are the benefactors to Andy’s study and are indebted to him for sharing this information with us.


Full Name:   Hubie Goode
Date & Time:   7/27/2009
Review:   One thing you must understand first thing, is that these are study methods, 40 or so of them in fact, that are designed to assist you in different ways to gain as much as you can from the exercise. You can’t be lazy, people. There are some rather imaginative applications for the future chapters of the book outlined here as far as helping you to get the most from your study, and the outlining is quite comprehensive, there is a ton of work that has gone into putting together a rather small book that is packed with information both from individual sources and from sources you can no longer find for yourself. Just keep in mind that, as in playing a practiced sport, like say, billiards, if you practice sloppy, you will teach yourself to play sloppy. The same principle applies here.

At the end of each chapter, there are painstakingly rendered, real world examples written in real handwriting just to illustrate what the study (briefly) outlined would look like when done correctly. What more can you ask for? I, myself, was quite grateful for this illustrative addition and have already applied a few of the techniques myself, with pleasing results, but the visuals were indeed a nice touch and a big help.

[Read the full 2,300 word review by clicking here.]

Full Name:   Edgar Sanchez
Date & Time:   7/21/2009
Review:   His book is not the type that you buy, read, highlight stuff and put a way for a rainy day. Instead, this is the book you read, you highlight and then keep right next to your Bible and other reference materials to review and get more study ideas. Andy lists 40 methods that make Bible studying and meditation on God's Word easy. I say easy because some people complain that they don't know how to study the Bible, or don't find the words or thoughts to praise or meditate on. Andy's book solves this problem. Each method presents us with themes, questions, and real examples that illustrate how to work with a verse, a chapter, a book or Word study. Our High School Ministry starts a new class series in John and I plan to use these five Ps as I look at John 1. And of course, I'll put an apologetics twist to these Ps.

I'm also ordering a couple of copies to give away to our students. (

Full Name:   Lori Wreath
Date & Time:   7/19/2009
Review:   The first thing that stood out was that this was a book you could grow with. There is no other bible study resource that provides an extensive variety of Bible Study methods. Andy Deane takes it one step further in providing hand written examples. No matter what stage of bible study you are in Deane does a beautiful job in walking you thorough studying the bible. Learn To Study the Bible is divided up into three different study methods: Basic Bible Study, Major Bible Study, and Creative Bible Study

There also is a section titled “Study Methods for Younger Students.” No matter what your learning style is, you will find a method that will help you learn more about the bible and help you understand God’s word better. If there is only one bible study book you purchase, I would suggest purchasing this one. (

Full Name:   Susan
Date & Time:   7/16/2009
Review:   This week I've been reading his book Learn to Study the Bible. He gives 40 different methods for studying God's Word for yourself. Isn't it time we started feeding ourselves as God's children and not depending on others to feed us all the time?

Some of these methods many of us may have used before, but still others are new and will bring an excitement and renewed thirst to dig a little deeper!

These are Biblically sound and yet simple to understand and apply. They can help us to experience God's Word in our everyday lives. Don't miss out on these creative methods to studying God's Word! Remember - "Variety is the spice to Bible study as well as life!"

With so many options and ways to study the Bible, we should never be able to use the excuse that it's boring! Be creative, use a variety of Bible study methods in your Bible reading plan to enhance your knowledge and relationship with the Creator of the world!

Full Name:   Rich Feola
Date & Time:   7/15/2009
Review:   I just wanted to let you know how blessed I've been digging into the methods in the book. I have in no way explored all of the resources, but I can see its fruit in my life already. I've noticed it has helped me be more aware while I read and search the Scriptures. I hope to turn many people onto this resource. Just wanted to praise God with you, and let you know it has greatly benefited me.

For instance, the whole idea of rewording passages or creating charts has really been something I've just always tried to do in my mind.. But now that it is on paper, it helps me to remember it. Also, practical application is something I need to focus on more. Thankfully, when I labor, it is the grace of God working in me!

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