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Reviews From Readers

This is what the reader's of Learn to Study the Bible have been saying. Click here to add your review.

Full Name:   Gina Hendrix
Date & Time:   7/14/2009
Review:   Are you searching for a Bible Study Method that works for you? Would you like to see a wide variety of methods and choose the method that fits the way you learn? Then Pastor Andy Deane of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in central New Jersey has the resource for you.

"Learn to Study the Bible: Forty Different Step-by-Step methods to Help You Discover, Apply, and Enjoy God's Word" is a must for new Christians as well as all Bible students. Bible Study Teachers would do well to have this book on hand in order to offer their students a choice in methods of Bible Study.

The foundation is laid in the first few chapters of the benefits and components of effective Bible Study and describes why choosing a method of study is paramount in achieving a greater learning experience.

While it is true that any type of study of the Scripture whether random and sparse or directed and methodical will change the reader, the results are much more focused when one directs their thinking while studying the Scripture.

A section of study methods addresses the basic study methods. These are the tried and true methods of Bible Study such as focusing on `verse-by-verse`, `book and chapter overview and detail`, `characters`, `topics and themes` and `word studies`.

For the more creative learner, Pastor Deane lists other interesting methods focusing on `comparisons`, `modern issues`, `views from a skeptic`, and `the thirty day method`. These creative methods approach Bible study in a more modern way and can be used from time to time to address contemporary issues of our day. I found these methods to be especially useful in attempting to know the `why' of a topic.

The remainder of the book focused more on topical types of Bible Study, very useful in diving into the depth of the richness of the Bible. These methods focused on the `Prayers`, the `Proverbs`, the `Miracles`, and the `Parables`. Also included is a section for younger students, a great addition to the list of Bible Study Methods.

Throughout the book, the reader finds handwritten examples of the methods described, a unique feature. In addition, a password is provided in the book to additional bonus material located on Pastor Deane's site: [...]

I found this book refreshing, thought provoking and unique and would recommend it highly to any Christian who would wants to know God's Word.

Full Name:   Loni Stel
Date & Time:   7/12/2009
Review:   This is a very interesting handbook for studying the Bible, for the new Christian, to the Christian who has been reading Godís Word for fifty years. Learn to Study the Bible: Forty Different Step-by-Step Methods to Help You Discover, Apply and Enjoy Godís Word is written by Andy Deane, who is an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in central New Jersey where he oversees a junior high ministry.

This 248 page book contains 40 different methods of studying your Bible, from basic Bible study methods, major Bible study methods to creative Bible study methods, and not just in written words, Study the Bible2but also by example with handwritten notes to show how it can be done. There are methods such as Daily Bread (basic Ė one of the simplest ways to begin discovering the specific truths in five steps); Timothy Method (basic Ė using 2 Timothy 3:16-17, find the doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness); Verse-by-Verse Charting (major Ė using a five-column chart), Bible Characters, Biblical Topics and Bible Themes. One of my favorite methods I use, that I usually have called the Inductive Bible Study Method, is a combination of a few studies in this book, including, Chapter Details, Book Overview, Book Details and the Messy Bible Method. (I thought that funny! I do like to mark my Bible!).

Learn to Study the Bible is ideal for anyone to encourage them Ė from the seasoned Christian who needs to find new ways to discover God in the Scriptures, to the new Believer, who just does not know where to start and how to even begin studying Godís Word. This handbook would be ideal for highschool homeschoolers, learning to use different Bible study methods, using it as a one or two year curriculum as they work through the different methods and Scripture. It would also be ideal for a graduation or birthday gift, for young and old alike. Itís recommended!

Full Name:   Michelle Dunn
Date & Time:   7/9/2009 1
Review:   When you start a business you have a plan, when you decide to start studying the bible, you need a plan. That is where "Learn to study the Bible" by Andy Deane comes in. Whether you have been studying the bible for years or are just beginning, this book is your plan to success. This book offers you 40 different step-by-step methods to help you discover, apply and enjoy God's word. Having attended Bible study groups myself, I found this book to be helpful and offers guidance where you might otherwise be headed blindly. It is clear, easy to read and easy to understand, good for young people as well as older folks.

Full Name:   Pastor Jeff Henneforth
Date & Time:   6/29/2009
Review:   A valuable tool to help you discover truths from God's Word. They make great graduation presents as well!

Full Name:   Linda Sizemore
Date & Time:   6/23/2009
Review:   Awesome! I'm so glad you challenged the envelope on Bible Study and found not one, not 4, not 23, but 40 ways!!!

Full Name:   Wendy Fulton
Date & Time:   6/5/2009 6
Review:   Read the book and really enjoyed it. Great ideas and easy to implement - the handwritten examples of each method were the key to the book. Looking forward to adding the variety to my personal Bible study!

Full Name:   Jean Lilley
Date & Time:   5/22/2009
Review:   I have one copy and am purchasing two more for friends....It has got so much variety and so many different methods that are good for different kinds of was encouraging to read because of the obvious high regard the author gives the word of God. Far and away it was the best learn to study the bible book I have ever read!

Full Name:   Pastor Ken Krikac
Date & Time:   4/11/2009
Review:   A fresh new approach to study the timeless Book. This puts helpful tools in the hands of the novice all of the way to the expert. Never has there been a more complete book on as many different ways to study the Bible . . . Kuddos to the author!

Full Name:   Pastor Kevin Miller
Date & Time:   3/10/2009
Review:   Bible study is something that is so overlooked and under-appreciated. This book takes it from a scholar's level and helps people understand that ANYONE can study the Bible! It's very applicable and since it presents so many different ways to do it, there's sure to be one (or a few) that fit every reader.

Full Name:   Noreen Hay
Date & Time:   2/25/2009
Review:   For almost 20 years, I have loved studying the Scriptures. I can't imagine life without God's Word! That's why I'm excited to see this book become available. It combines so much helpful information on how to get the most out of your time in God's Word, all in one place. You get instructions in basic Bible study skills, guidelines for developing a quiet time, and 40 different methods of Bible study with step-by-step directions and handwritten examples. But what excites me the most about this book is that it will inspire and equip Christians (young and old) to draw nearer to God by spending more time in personal Bible study. If you are looking for something that will help you to dig deeper into God's Word and get to know Him better, I believe you will find this book invaluable.

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